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Probably everyone of us has noticed some homeless shoes laying around on street corners, beaches, forests etc, in every place you can possibly think of. Isn’t it interesting how and why they are there? Is there somebody around barefooted? Or is it that shoes are just walking their own path, which is only sometimes shared with people… are they living their own life? ;-)

To find answers to these big questions we should first know what kind of shoes live where, and why. Only then can we learn something about them.

So, on one nice day several years ago we decided to find answers to these questions. And started to collect information and pictures of abandoned shoes. There are already quite a few of them – altogether 263 pictures of 162 different shoe species. But it is surely not enough for a thorough study.

To help accomplish the ultimate goal everybody can (and must) be involved!


There are some restrictions to adding a new shoe.

First, photo must not be fake/screenplay etc. That means, no slippers beside your bed or something like that.

Second, you have to be the author of the photo.

And last but not least – photo size is limited by longest side (up to 600px) and file size (up to 300kB).

And that is it. But of course – it would be great, if your picture is little bit more than just a random snapshot of a shoe from the smallest possible distance – better add some background, try different angles etc. But it is not so essential.

All copyrights for the photos will remain to the original author, here you just show it to others and help put together the “Big Picture”.

With a photo you must add some extra bit of information:

shoe name
finding date
finding place
coordinates (if possible)
leg (left or right or both)
additional information (description of finding place, shoe’s habits etc etc etc)
your name/alias (private if you like)
your website (if you have one)
e-mail (not public)

If these simple rules are suitable for you, then -> add a new shoe!


Location of the shoes collected so far:

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add new shoe

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  6. leg
  7. personal data
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